Monday, March 1, 2010

Now Leaving San Pedro

It s been good times here in San Pedro. I took a week of spanish classes here. I really ejoyed them. It was 4 hours a day, one on one. I learned a lot but I will be studying my notes for awhile before I considered doing another week somewhere else. On tuesdy there was a soccer game, students against teachers. Surprisingly, we kicked ass. The soccer field was cool. It was in a compound with walls on 3 sides of the field and fence on the other. The walls helped me alot. Really easy to play the wall, and they just kinda bounce off of you. It was alot of fun. I also climbed San Pedro volcano. That was an intence hike. 2 and a half hours. The incline increased just under half way. It got to the point when I wondered if was ever going to end. It was all worth it when I reached the top. Sitting on rocks on the top, in between two layers of clouds, the view slowly unvailed itself. It was amazing. Yesterday, we climbed the nose of the Indian face. It kind of looks like an Indian face looking up, with huge eye sockets. It turned out to be more of an adventure then antisapated. First the collectivo driver brought us to the wrong place then demanded his money. The we caugh another one, which was much more fun. This collectivo was simple a small pick-up truck with a handrail at chest height and built up sides. This guy droped us off somewhere weird but close enough and we started to make our way up. This was not a tourist trail. It was suppost to take a half hour, we doubled that. The trail we found was hardly a trail, and at some points definatly wasn t. It was way more fun then the suggested route. Then we collectivoed back to town in time to see half of the 3rd period and Crosby s winning goal. I m quite happy we won. I also kayaked across the lake to the jumping rocks. It took awhile because I was also making sure Issac, from the Danforth, didn t get hit by a boat. He swam across probably the narrowist point and it took him an hour and fifty minutes. I got sunburn on my feet and I still don t like it. I also went to Chichi. I m not even going to try and spell the whole thing,
it s on the north side on the lake not actually on the lake. It s suppost to be the biggest market in central america. I wasn t that impressed but it was good. I bought some stuff. The ride was awesome. It case you are not aware. Lago de Atitlan was made by a huge volcano that errupted and emploded on itself, reaching 1000 feet deep in someplaces. Around the is all mountains and I think two volcanos. So, everywhere you look is beautiful, especaily when you on the lake, though I didn t bring the camera because tipping on my kayak was a really threat. I didn t tip.
It s time for a breakfast burrito and book my shuttle to Antigua. Sorry about the delay. Time flys when your haveing fun.


  1. So awesome to hear you are safe...and having quite the adventure...hold onto the memories you are making!!

  2. Hola me hijo adventurero!!

    It's so good to hear from you again! No time to sit and write a blogpost, huh? HAHA--ya think?
    I've just watched a video entitled "lago atitlan, volcano san pedro." FABULOSO!! It looks like a wonderful place to be perched in the sky! I'm imagining you sitting at the top of the volcano, drinking in all the estupendas vistas as far as your eye can see!

    I'm wondering who and how many people you are now traveling with. Any pictures to post?

    Te extrano y te amo mucho!!

    mama bear

  3. Hey...Mike J. here...just looked up Antigua up on a map...your pretty far down far south are you planning on going? Sounds like you're having an awesome trip...we here in humdrum Toronto are living vicariously through you! More posts please!

  4. Steve, glad to hear things are chuggin' along at the awesome level. It is hard to believe you have been travelling for a month! I'll bet you are learning a lot of about yourself. I am sure that you are learning lots of other stuff too, but what you are learning about you is the most important! Enjoy and stay safe!