Friday, March 12, 2010

Change of Plans

Ok, change of plans. Instead of going to Belize I'm going to go on a 6 day hike to a ruin called El Mirador. Said to be the first and most impressive Mayan site. El Tigre (close enough) is said to be 78 meters high. We set off at six am tomorrow to walk all day in the blistering heat. The trip includes all food and water, plus someone to cook. Donkeys carry the gear, all I carry is a daypack with personal belongings. My big pack is stored in town as part off the deal. Then I'm going to skip Honduras and Nicaragua because I don't feel I gave Mexico a fair shake. So then I'm going to go to the Caribbean to to finally taste the salt water.


  1. Have fun and stay safe Baby Bear! I'll be thinking of you every "step" of the way!

    Te Quiero!
    Mama Bear

  2. Looks like you're having a blast, Steve! We miss you lots! Can't wait to see pictures of El Mirador! Watch out for the jellyfish!



  3. Steve, havent had much of a chance to check your blog out, and it looks like you have done alot so far! From what I see it looks like you're sticking to your original plan, which was to not stick to an agenda or route but play things by ear. Excellent!
    Super pumped for when you return! Til then, take care of your feet!

  4. Hi Steve!
    I'm hearing a lot of things in the news about things happening in Mexico right now. Pleeeeeeeease be verrrrrrrrrry careful while you're having fun!

    Love you so much!
    Mama Bear

  5. I thought facebook was going to tell me when you posted stuff, and it didn't, and I just read everything now. NICE!!!

    Relish it. I am jealous. I miss you.

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