Monday, February 15, 2010

San Padro

Well the border crossing was interesting. There isn t a bus that goes directly to the border, so we had to take a cab, not far the rest of the way. Thankfully I met some girls from Quebec on the bus ride from San Cristo, one of which spoke spanish. I just kind of followed. When we got there (the border town starts with a M) finding a bank mashine was not easy. I tried taking money out but after I did all the beeping no money came out. So far nothing has come through the bank so hopefully I won t have any issues. From the border 6 of us took a collectivo (15 passenger van) 5 hours to Antigua de Lago (lake Antigua) central south of Guatamala. Then it was a boat ride in the rain and choppy waters to San Padro (south side of the lake). The stairs leading up to town was at this point a waterfall and the streets streams. Through the rain some guy took us to Yo Mama, the hostal I m at. It hase a pool table. One corner is lower then the others, good to know. I brough a beer with me from San Cristo, and when I poped the top it opened with force of an 11 hour travel and hit me dead center of the forehead. I now have a semi-circle cut on my forehead complete with waves of the bottom of the cap. Needless to say, laughter insuided. I should have seen that coming, but I didn t. The cap actually hit the ceiling after my head. Great. I hope it doesn t scar. Also, I met a guy from my area, also a regular at the Detroit eatery. Tomorrow I start spanish lessons. 90us for 5 days, 4 hours a day, one on one. Also they offer salsa, and other things in the evening included. Oh, my hostal is about 3us a night. I ll work on picure taking, no more letting Lindsey do all the work. P.S. it s a nice 23 degrees today. How s the weather there?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

San Cristobal de Las Casas

Since my last post I have spent 2 nights in San Cristòbal de Las Casas and 3 in El Panchen, just outside of Palenque. Then another night, and tonight back in San Cristo, leaving in the morning for San Padre in Guatamala.
Allow me to start at the top.
In San Cristo we stayed at Casa Babylon. By far the best hostal to date. Nice rooms an lots of space. Last sunday we were here we participated the weekly event of going to the cantina. This means that we went to a place where Dustin, Lindsey and myself were the only white people there. 0 The food came so fast, we had to keep pace. many different food that I had no idea what they were. In them were shrimp, chicken, beef and others. Ordering a beer meant two. Total cost...50 pesos. Then there was Palenque. Beautiful and all that but, the only difference in ruins is the setting. We got an awesome place in El Panchen on a second floor with a balcony. 25o a night for all three. The rainforest lived up to it s name with a full day of rain. Otherwise it was great. Now back in San Cristo, I m being rushed to finish so I can join the fiesta of the 8th year of Casa Babylon, complete with food for 60 pesos. So next time you read from me I ll in San Padro Learning Spanish. For those wanting to see pictures go to Lindseys blog. They are gone now so I ll have to figure out how to do the pictures.
Enjoy your weather!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings from Oaxaca

Well, 8 hours on the road through the ran and flooded roads, we arrived in Oaxaca around 7 two days ago. We had one day in Mexico City of weaving through cars and going into a mall where security carries fully automatic weapons. So much police and military. I´m now used to seeing AK-47 while walking on the steet, even here in Oaxaca. Oaxaca is amazing. Iǘe spent most of my time in the Zocalo (the park at the city center, every city has one) eating awesome food with live music. Last night we check out the night life (5 of us for anyone worried about night travel) and found a live band. Amazing, best female bass player I´ve seen. They played some english songs but they were much better when they sang in spanish. And...we ordered a case of beer (20) and a packet of cigs for 420 pesos and they opened our bottles for us. Our friend from France got hit on by a guy. It was funny. We are in Mezkalito Hosal which is winning as the nicest of two. It´s more like a hotel. I´m sitting beside the sunny terrace. Life is tough here, some how I´ll make it through. Were not spending much time here this time. South quick the travel back north slowly. Tonight we have an 11 hour ride toSan Cristobal de las Casas. Jungle time!
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P.S. Thanks for your comments. The style will remain freestyle and I have yet to check what I´ve written, and will continue that trend.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mexico City

Hola. I´ve safely arrived in Mexico City. The differences between Mexico City and Toronto are not subtle. For instance, the cab ride to the hostal. It turns out that driving is more like a race here. Lanes are simply suggestions. The driver turned right from the left of the road completely cutting of traffic. People weave through the cars. Many of the streets are blocked of but traffic still goes through so you have to watch your back. Were right downtown across the street from the national musem. The hostel is called Hostal Moneda. On the street hundreds of people just lay their good on the sidewalk a scream, some with megaphones, for you to buy. 7 eleven is every two blocks or so. I could use all my cameras memory space on the old buildings. I am writing this from the roof top bar at the hostal where last night they gave too many shots of tequela. We already met some other people, two girls each traveling solo. This is going to be an amazing trip. Today we go to the pyramid of which I will not attempt to spell.
Hasta Luego! (See you soon\later)