Monday, February 15, 2010

San Padro

Well the border crossing was interesting. There isn t a bus that goes directly to the border, so we had to take a cab, not far the rest of the way. Thankfully I met some girls from Quebec on the bus ride from San Cristo, one of which spoke spanish. I just kind of followed. When we got there (the border town starts with a M) finding a bank mashine was not easy. I tried taking money out but after I did all the beeping no money came out. So far nothing has come through the bank so hopefully I won t have any issues. From the border 6 of us took a collectivo (15 passenger van) 5 hours to Antigua de Lago (lake Antigua) central south of Guatamala. Then it was a boat ride in the rain and choppy waters to San Padro (south side of the lake). The stairs leading up to town was at this point a waterfall and the streets streams. Through the rain some guy took us to Yo Mama, the hostal I m at. It hase a pool table. One corner is lower then the others, good to know. I brough a beer with me from San Cristo, and when I poped the top it opened with force of an 11 hour travel and hit me dead center of the forehead. I now have a semi-circle cut on my forehead complete with waves of the bottom of the cap. Needless to say, laughter insuided. I should have seen that coming, but I didn t. The cap actually hit the ceiling after my head. Great. I hope it doesn t scar. Also, I met a guy from my area, also a regular at the Detroit eatery. Tomorrow I start spanish lessons. 90us for 5 days, 4 hours a day, one on one. Also they offer salsa, and other things in the evening included. Oh, my hostal is about 3us a night. I ll work on picure taking, no more letting Lindsey do all the work. P.S. it s a nice 23 degrees today. How s the weather there?


  1. Hey baby bear!
    I'm trying to imagine you with your new "tattoo!" Certainly, your Spanish lessons should be helpful in considering the next one--Para beber, quiero el vino blanco!! haha.
    Sounds like you're having a "blast!" LOL!

    Take care, mi hijo. Can't wait to hear all about your Spanish lessons, salsa, and "other things!"

    Te Quiero

  2. Thanks for including the geographic info. How do you decide where you are going next and how you will get there?
    Stsy safe

  3. A few things,

    Firstly, I'm officially withdrawing my you are a good writer comment. However, I can't stop checking and reading about your badass adventures. Keep it up Salsa Steve.

    Also, the Detroit Eatery is going to need a mexican side to its menu.

    Finally, it is shut up degrees here,
    Spencer "viejo" McCormack

  4. Steve, so close... San PEDRO not Padro!!!!!!
    Glad to ehar things are goind well, if you havn't heard dus and i are back home early since Aaron Elliot (better known as Elliot) passed away earlier this week so we came home.
    Let us know when you'll be heading up the pacific coast, we stayed at a great place in Puerto Escondido. Safe travels!