Saturday, March 27, 2010


So I finally got to taste the ocean. The water is better than amazing. Here I have 3 other travelling companions, we´ve been moving around together for about 3 weeks now, barring El Mirador. So, we stayed in town for a few days eating the free breakfast (you have to cook it yourself, but there´s coffee, eggs, toast and pancake mix) and taking the free bus to the beach. 2 days ago the four of us got a cabana with an unobstructed ocean view. We came back for more supplies. I am actually avoiding the sun now. I´m on the verge of burn almost all the time now. That´s about it. Just been chillin on the beach. Oh yeah we went to Cancun for a day, the girls had to pick up something from fedex so I went alone for the ride and to check it out. Clearly spring break is not there, and it sucked. The resort beaches were small and dirty aswell as the number and size of the resorts ruined the view. I wish to never return there. Ok, well, time to get some beer to bring to the beach.


  1. Hola baby bear!

    I was just looking at some pictures of Tulum and the beach---I bet you're having a great time! I hope you're remembering to use lots of sunscreen!

    The father of one of my friends here lives in Playa del Carmen--apparently close to where you are. From what he tells me of the area, it sounds like you're once again perched in a gorgeous spot!

    So good to hear from you again!

    Te Quiero!

    Mama Bear

  2. hey there! Glad to see you're having fun, and appreciating the lifestyle. Enjoy!
    *****the lava pictures look awesome!

  3. hey dude you have check out the pacific. sounds like your having a hell of a time. if your interested i'll email you all the fun shit you can get into over there

  4. How about introducing your travel companions?
    Where to next?
    Stay safe!