Monday, April 26, 2010

Final Post

Well it seems my trip has come to an end. I'm now across the street from the airport paying too much for the internet with 6 hours to kill. That's ok, I like airports!
I did end up getting some dental work done. Unfortunatly, I went to late and couldn't get my tooth fixed perminatly. I need a root canel, but merely got it cleaned out and temporarly filled. Which is sweet, it doesn't hurt anymore. The dental work, basically a filling, was $30. The dentist was a nice lady with a nice little shop. The drugs she perscribed me were $20. $50 total, not bad!
I took a van to Oaxaca City (cheaper and faster). Then I decided to spoil myself and take the 1st class bus to Mexico city. Only 25 seats, full reclining seats with footstools. All the movies you want in Spanish, not one in English, but all signs were in Spanish and English. Comfortable chairs. All in all, not worth it. Should have just taken 2nd class. Now I must go a pay too much for everything, 200 peso cab ride, come on. It was only 120 for a 6 hour trip to Oaxaca City. Fucking gringo tax.
I'm looking foreward to returning and seeing/talking to everybody. I'm also looking forward to getting back to work.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Still Here

Yup, still in Zipolite. Well, I'm in a house now not far from the beach. I was going to go somewhere else south, but I didn't like it and came back. I got a ride there and just went back with jeep. The guy who was driving said I could just stay at his place and I've been there for 3 nights or so. It's about a $400,000 house that overlooks the ocean and a lighthouse. The pool is being filled today. The owner is a guy from west coast USA and has 30 properties, 2 in Mexico. And no, I did't have to do any special favors to stay. I did do I little work on the house to help out but not much. I also met some other Canadians who have a condo close by. I should be there in a day or two. I haven't been playing much frisbee due to lack of coach. I did, however, aquire a new one. How can you not fit a frizbee in a backpack, I said to myself, as I took it.
Spencer, my spanish still sucks. I generally ask if they speak english first, if not I start pointing and making hand gestures. Like sheraids, but when they guess I usally don't know what their saying. I can politely ask for things. Here they mostly speak english. The toughest thing so far, in Antigua, I had to buy antibiotics from a pharmacy. 5 stores untill someone spoke english.

Friday, April 16, 2010


I intended to stay in Zipolite for 3 days or so. 8 nights or so. What did I do? Swim, frizbee, chess, reading and eating. That sums up my time there. Ok, gotta go.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well it s been awhile hasn t it. I got caught up with all the fun in San Cristo during Semana Santa (easter). Hoards of people go to San Cristo during this holy week, as it turns out. More venders, mostly of food. The food was basic to the area, but man to they make a good hotdog. The vender says stuff for awile and you smile and nod then for 10 pesos, you get a regular hot dog loaded with fillings and hot sause. There was a parade with scantally clad woman dancing, and a fair. Oh yes! Surprisingly, it was pretty much what I m used to back home, but in Mexico. In Mexico, they serve you beer. Bumper cars were awesome, though I felt a bit of a target, hit the gringos! As you enter the fair you find out where the t.v. sales man came from. Their selling blankets, like the guy at the auction, selling, never taking a breath, unfoldding and refolding, throughing them back and forth with the conspiror who ties them up and hands them to people as the pay, never knowing how they knew that the peolpe wanted blankets in the first place.
There was a bull fighting event, I didn t go cause we got there late. Other than that I did some shopping and now I m in Zipolite on the beach. Doing nothing. Maybe something tomorrow but no promisses. After this beach, another one. God help me!