Saturday, February 13, 2010

San Cristobal de Las Casas

Since my last post I have spent 2 nights in San Cristòbal de Las Casas and 3 in El Panchen, just outside of Palenque. Then another night, and tonight back in San Cristo, leaving in the morning for San Padre in Guatamala.
Allow me to start at the top.
In San Cristo we stayed at Casa Babylon. By far the best hostal to date. Nice rooms an lots of space. Last sunday we were here we participated the weekly event of going to the cantina. This means that we went to a place where Dustin, Lindsey and myself were the only white people there. 0 The food came so fast, we had to keep pace. many different food that I had no idea what they were. In them were shrimp, chicken, beef and others. Ordering a beer meant two. Total cost...50 pesos. Then there was Palenque. Beautiful and all that but, the only difference in ruins is the setting. We got an awesome place in El Panchen on a second floor with a balcony. 25o a night for all three. The rainforest lived up to it s name with a full day of rain. Otherwise it was great. Now back in San Cristo, I m being rushed to finish so I can join the fiesta of the 8th year of Casa Babylon, complete with food for 60 pesos. So next time you read from me I ll in San Padro Learning Spanish. For those wanting to see pictures go to Lindseys blog. They are gone now so I ll have to figure out how to do the pictures.
Enjoy your weather!


  1. San Cristobal Steve!

    Seems amazing Steve. The pictures of that jungle hotel are unbelievable. Everything sounds to good to be true.

    Holy jumpin,
    Spencer "adobo" McCormack

  2. Buenos dias baby bear!

    It's so good to hear from you again, and wonderful knowing you're having such a terrific time!
    Aaaah.......burritos con pollo! Dame otra cerveza, por favor. Muy poco pesos! Ole! Ole!

    Te Quiero mucho mi hijo! Can't wait to hear more!

  3. Happy to hear all is well! I am trying to follow your escapades using google maps but your Guatemala location is too generic for google. Could you try and include some geographic info as well? Are you travelling by your lonesome? If not, tell us about new companions.
    Happy Valentine's Day
    Luv u
    Stay safe