Friday, April 16, 2010


I intended to stay in Zipolite for 3 days or so. 8 nights or so. What did I do? Swim, frizbee, chess, reading and eating. That sums up my time there. Ok, gotta go.


  1. Well gee.....that sounds a bit rough, baby bear! Swmming, frisbee, chess, reading, eating...? Hmmm...guess you just got to be up for the challenge! haha

    So glad to hear you're safe and enjoying your travels!

    Te Quiero!
    Mama bear

  2. Steve your living the life.

    I think you should join the PFL, (professional Frisbee league) and live on beaches forever. I'll be you trainer and bring you juices.

    How is your Spanish? it's probably pretty good now right? Give us a few lines.

    Beach man,
    Spencer "broken mule" McCormack